How To Become Diapers Distributor In Nigeria

How To Become Diapers Distributor In Nigeria

With the increase in the unemployment rate in Nigeria, becoming a diapers distributor in Nigeria is a great idea. The product is not a kind of utility that the need for it would reduce in years to come.
The birth rate in Nigeria has been on the increase. The population of the country has been over 200 million for over 5 years, which means the rate of giving birth would continue to climb.

In addition, baby diapers are used daily to keep the babies comfortable and absorb their excretions. There is no way a mother won’t use at least two diapers daily on a baby. It’s a big market and it will continue to flourish.
To solve the problem of unemployment or increase sources of income, becoming an active distributor for a company that produces diapers can really be of help.

This article would guide you on how to become a diaper distributor in Nigeria

Steps To Become A Diaper Distributor

There are a few requirements needed to be able to start a diaper business.

#1. Find A Company:

Since you are not planning to start your company, working with an established firm is the first step. You have to reach out to a firm that is producing diapers. An example is Pampers. Pampers is one of the most popular diaper producers.
Being attached to a popular company would give you an edge, however, it might not be easy to get on board. Send an email or visit the website of the company to contact them. You can then move to the next step.

#2. Complete An Application Form

The company would require you to complete an application form to know if you are qualified. You don’t need to be afraid, they are only going to ask questions that would help them know your financial ability, and sustainability.
A good credit score on your finance will give you an edge. Your bank details would be required to process your assessment. Keep your heads up, it’s not hard to pass.

They would request your business experience to be able to know how well you can handle their products. Some companies require a minimum of two years of experience before giving you a chance.

#3. Pay A Deposit

If you have passed the application stage, congratulations, you are close to becoming a distributor. To proceed, you will be required to pay a deposit for product inventory.
This amount often varies depending on the company you want to work with. However, you may not need to empty your account before doing that.

After the payment is made, you have successfully established yourself and can start making sales of the product.

Benefits Of Being A Diaper Distributor

We can mention numerous benefits attached to being a diaper distributor.
Here are a few.

Self Employed:

It’s always beautiful to be in charge of your own business. Being a distributor won’t just erase the fact that you are now employed, it makes you the head of your business.

Small Capital:

You don’t need to save for decades before starting the business. With just a little savings, or even a loan from the bank you can start up the business.

High Income

If you channel all your time towards expanding your reach, it would definitely result in a huge income. Since the demand for the product is daily, your only goal is to plan how to reach many people.
The interest rate on the sales belongs to you, and you have the sole power to decide on it. A high commission Is given to you by the company, you would never be cheated.


There is a need to know that diligence and consistency are needed to keep the job. You can’t maximize the potential of the position of a distributor if you don’t work hard.
However, think of partnering with established companies to make your sales come easy.

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