Career Day In Nigerian Schools - Purpose and Steps To Planning

Career Day In Nigerian Schools – Purpose and Steps To Planning

One of those days most of us cannot forget during secondary and primary school are the career days. You would recollect those days when you are dressed in professional wear, and you are to present in front of your parents.

That was how we cruised our primary education and secondary school days. However, those days were not just meant for fashion, they were impactful and futuristic. In fact, it led to several decisions on what we are today.
Although, quite a number of professions declared on the career day might not materialise, but in all, they serve has a guide in our career path.
It would be a wrong notion to think career day should be an entertainment day. Instead, it should be taken crucial as it is responsible for sharpening the future of the students and engage their mental and emotional decision about their career.

If you are interested in understanding the purpose and how to organise a career day, this article is meant for you. Let’s continue to explore what career day is all about.

Purpose Of Career Day In Nigerian Schools

When the purpose of thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable. Career day can be easily mistaken to be a fashion parade or an interesting occasion.
However, career days are very crucial in forming the lives of the young ones and helping them have a deep connection with their future.

Check out some purposes of a career day.


Students who have desired to become a professional in a particular occupation have the opportunity to meet professionals in that area.

On such day, professional invited to give a talk will attempt to expose the student to the real world. Much more than the pictures they have seen in books or read about, there would be room for contact with someone who is experienced in the field.


Career day should indirectly connect pupils and students to the job. The presentation from the guests should be able to help student connect to the profession.
It should help them decide if they can continue with the profession or discontinue at an early stage.


There is a need to understand what it takes to become a professional in a field. For example, many of us wanted to become a doctor, an engineer, a pilot and other known career paths.
However, the strength of some students doesn’t lay on the profession they desire. The understanding of the job would help know the requirement needed to survive in the profession.


Discussion with known personalities can be a source of motivation to a growing generation. The urge to become like the personality or be better than the person can be a big push to put more effort in academics.
That’s why it’s necessary to bring an influential personality to have a session with the student.

Steps To Plan A Career Day

Planning a career day doesn’t seem easy as it appears. There are numerous plans that would have been executed to have a blissful ceremony.
Consider these core steps before proceeding in planning your school career day.

Set A Committee

If you are the head of a school, or the one supposed to head the team, your first step is setting up committees. To make the planning easier and more creatively engage people to take up different roles.
It would be better when you have different people head different areas and make them report to you. It makes the work easier, and make the panning more focus.

Choose A Theme

Having a theme would give a sense of direction. The theme will make you know who to invite to be the guest. Some things are to be considered before making the decision on the them to focus.

Draw A Structure

Draw the plan and structure of the program. The number of presentations and how it would be conducted. It gives the program a shape, and makes it look organised when it’s going on.

Research And Contact Presenters

When the date is chosen, the next urgent action to start is to research the proper person to present on the day and reach out. Most programs fails from inception because of indecision while planning.
Contacting the selected persons early would help to avoid disappointments or making hasty decisions later. Bringing an icon to meet with the students would elavate the day, and make it a dream day for the students.


Career Day should be taken seriously, and enjoyable. You don’t have to neglect the entertaining part of the program. Entertainment helps to color the program and ease the tension.

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