How To Connect PPSSPP Multiplayer

How To Connect PPSSPP Multiplayer

PPSSPP is the play station portable version of the android phones. PPSSPP is created by developers for Android users to enjoy PSP on Android phones.

PSP originally is a version of the PlayStation game called PS2. The graphics is similar compared to the graphics of the PS2 game.

PPSSPP can be enjoyed better when using a phone with a high android version like android 10 and a phone with a big screen.

Playing PPSSPP can be even enjoyed more when you play the game with a friend by connecting to play with them.

However, many PPSSPP users are not aware of the multiplayer feature of the PPSSPP while others find it difficult to connect the multiplayer feature of the PPSSPP.

This article therefore will explain how to connect PPSSPP multiplayer with friends.

Steps To Connect PPSSPP Multiplayer

To connect to PPSSPP multiplayer, you only need a wireless connection to bring together the connectivity of the two phones. That brings us to the first step.

Step 1

Switch on the hotspot of either of the phones. Go to the phone connectivity settings and switch on the hotspot connectivity on either of the two phones.

Step 2

Connect the two phones’ hotspot and Wi-Fi. Do this by switching on the Wi-Fi connectivity on the other phone, searching for the hotspot name, and connecting up the two.

Step 3

Now that your devices are connected successfully, launch the PPSSPP game on each phone. When you launch the game on the phones, navigate to the settings option and navigate the networking option. In the networking option, you will enable some features. These features will be listed in the next step

Step 4

In the networking option, the options you will enable include the following.

  • networking (WLAN) option
  • The PRO ad hoc server
  • The two UPnP options

Aside from the above, you will change the IP address of the networking to ” 191. 168. 43. 1.” Make sure that the IP addresses of the two phones are changed to the same IP address above.

Also, you might need to set the offset option by increasing the number to a high number like 5000 on both phones. Make sure the offset of both phones are the same.

Step 5

Click on the particular game you wish to play. Make sure you are connecting to the same type of game by the same developer.  In the game exhibition, you will find the ad hoc option. This option signifies the multiplayer option.

Click on the ad hoc option on both phones and create a room with either of the phones.

It is advisable to create a room with the phone who is hosting the wireless connection. In essence, the phone with a hotspot.

After creating room and joining room, your PPSSPP multiplayer is, therefore, ready to be played.

How To Maintain Connection While Playing PPSSPP Multiplayer

Connecting PPSSPP multiplayer is not enough. You also need to know how to maintain connection while playing.

To maintain connection, take note of the following:

  • Don’t encourage long distances between the two phones. There is need to be a close connection to maintain the connectivity.
  • Avoid calls. Incoming calls can distract connections and make you lose the current game. A little way to avoid losing the current game is by ignoring all incoming calls on both phones.
  • While selecting through options, there is a countdown timer usually on some games e.g. PES. Make sure you complete all preferences before the countdown ends or you get disconnected.


The multiplayer feature of the PPSSPP is not difficult to connect. It, however, depends on your knowledge of connecting it. If you follow the above steps carefully, your game will be connected successfully to your friend’s phone and you will enjoy your multiplayer game.

Note that the multiplayer game can function for all types of games on the PPSSPP, including Mortal Kombat, God of War, etc.

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