How To Convert MTN Bonus To Data

How To Convert MTN Bonus To Data

Oftentimes, MTN gives their customers some bonuses. These bonuses are primarily given to make calls and not to browse.

However, these bonuses sometimes are wanted to be converted to data for browsing by MTN customers.

Some people are active mobile data users but tend not to make long calls. Thus, they would prefer to convert the voice call bonus to data.

Many people in this category find it difficult to actualize this because they don’t know the right thing to do.

Can I Convert MTN Bonus To Data?

Many kinds of research have been made and the results of these researches have shown that converting MTN bonus to data is impossible.

People have called the customer care and they have been told that it is impossible. Some have tried using SMS. Others have tried using MTN mobile app. None of this has been proven to work out.

The conclusion, therefore, has always been that it is impossible. This is so because MTN gifts out bonuses strictly for calls only. If MTN would want to gift data, they would gift it data outrightly. Giving out bonuses that could be converted to data therefore mightn’t be feasible.

How To Convert MTN Bonus To Data

However, some still claim that converting bonuses to data could be done. We would therefore consider two different ways to try this out.

The first way is by dialling 136. Dial the digits and follow the voice that comes up carefully.

The other way is by dialling *136#. Dial the code and follow the steps that pop up by typing the appropriate number that goes with your choice.


After making research and inquiries, it has been confirmed that it is almost impossible to convert airtime bonuses to data because the network provider chooses to release airtime bonuses.

However, some still believe that it could be done. We have therefore given out the probable way to get this done. Try it out and see if it would work out.

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