Where Can I Get A Gift Card In Italy?

Where Can I Get A Gift Card In Italy?

A gift card can be exchanged for a specified cash value of goods or services from a particular business, given as a gift.

Getting a gift card can be an enormous task in Italy sometimes, especially when you do not have the right information as to where to get it.

Anyway, I will share important information on how to get it in Italy, where to get it and how you can activate it.

Is Getting A Gift Card In Italy Easy?

Its quite easy and simple in Italy.  You can get them online at www.mygiftcard.com, where you can get them just like any other product. Gift cards are also available at many stores in Italy.

Stores Where You Can Get Gifts Cards

  1. Auchan

Auchan is a French multinational retail group headquartered in Croix, France.

  1. Carrefour

The Carrefour hypermarket in Carugate was the French retail group’s first Italian store, opening in 1972.

  1. Chef express

Chef Express operates catering services and sells food and convenience goods on the freeway.

  1. Conad Conforama

Conforama is a shopping center in Fasano located on Strada Statale 16 Km 859. Conforama is situated near Iper E. Leclerc Conad Sud 3 and close to Cooperativa Progresso Agricolo.

  1. Esselunga

Esselunga S.p.A. is an Italian retail store chain. They were founded in 1957 by Nelson Rockefeller, Bernardo, Guido and Claudio Caprotti, Marco Brunelli, the Crespi family and other Italian associates.

Other stores where gift cards can be found are;

  1. Rex supermarkets
  2. Simply
  3. Tigers
  4. La Feltrinelli
  5. Mondadori Store
  6. Tony
  7. Supermedia

You can then use your gifts card after the following process;

  1. Pay for the gift card.
  2. Save your PIN (activation code) printed on the receipt.
  3. Activate the Gift Card using the Activation Code (PIN).


So if you need a gift card or you want to exchange your gift card, you now know where to get it. 

Do you know any other place in Italy where gift cards can be gotten? Please share it with us.

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