How To Join Illuminati Online? Don't Get Defrauded

How To Join Illuminati Online? Don’t Get Defrauded

A lot of people have been searching for how to join Illuminati online, and you are very close to getting scammed. Don’t panic yet, have you sent anyone money?

Now, why do you want to join the Illuminati or any other cults? Do you want to make money or get famous?
I was reading some websites on how to join in the course of my researches and there are a lot of funny things.
First, why would you pay to join something as powerful as Illuminatti, if they can actually give you millions of dollars?

I mean even if you were to pay, it shouldn’t be anything less than $50k so it will be worth the hype.
Why would a random person tell you to pay $20 or possibly buy some items and do the prayers in your room to become a member? Totally uninteresting!

Who is the Illuminati?

The Illuminati is a name given to many groups, which could be real or fictitious. A lot of people associate it with the Free Masons and other groups like The Church of Satan.
While the two groups are independent entities, they have also existed hundreds of years ago and have been able to sustain the test of time because of their levels of secrecy.

Is The Illuminati Real?

I really can’t tell. Even if they are, trust me a lot of things you see about them on the blogs and Youtube channels are lies.
Some of the controversies might have even been created by them to further make getting the real ones difficult since they thrive on mysteries and secrecy.

How Can One Join The Illuminati?

Even if they were real and you could join, it shouldn’t be on the internet and if there are fees, then they should not be something very affordable.
If you are looking to join the Illuminati because of money and fame, then I will advise you to:

Put off your data and switch off your phone

This is the first step to making money, honestly. Except you make your money online, your phone could be your biggest distraction.

Leave the house and get a job

No mystical being is coming to help you make a living. Start doing something you are passionate about, whether writing, movie-making, music, dancing or just anything.
You are on the track to becoming what you used to admire.

Invest your earnings and make more money

You have received your first payment and you’re really happy, right? Now invest it into something more profitable so you don’t have to think of joining the Illuminati anymore.
By the time you grow your earnings to something flowing per month, trust me you’ll never think of signing up for any cult online, again!


While there are a lot of evils going on in the world, the smallest we can do as humans is make it a better place for all of us.
Begin something productive today and you could become an employer of labour in the next few years.

The Illuminati thing is a hoax in my opinion and even if they exist, trust me they’re not looking to recruit you!

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