I Want To Join Occult For Money Ritual? EVERYTHING TO KNOW

If there is something Nollywood has gotten entirely wrong, it is in the misinterpretation of money rituals and occultism. Not only did they misinterpret these things, but they also glorified them making the younger generation see these things as an escape route from suffering and hard work.
Do you think I’m lying? How do people know you are a ritualist? It is only when you are a wealthy individual, whether through business, politics or even religion.

Somehow they believe that you have to sacrifice people close to you, pass through some pains and eventually get access to a pot of endless money in your room or perhaps, connections.
While I’m not here to say whether these things exist or not, I am here to remind you that nothing beats hard work!

Money Rituals: Do They Work Or Pure Hoax?

If you succeed in the music industry, people will you belong to the Freemasons or Illuminati. These stories are everywhere and in almost all Nigerian families, they have uncles and relatives they secretly believe have their hands on dirty money.
These relatives on the other hand might have been people who benefited from opportunities or even got their money through other criminal ways like robberies, human trafficking, kidnap or even internet fraud.

When this evil money comes and they can’t seem to hold themselves, they will obviously begin to show off, get exotic vehicles and spray at gatherings then the rumours begin to pop up.
Eventually, these men will begin to dress like the typical Nollywood rich men and of course, these rumours will only get fueled.

Don’t Get Scammed!

There are thousands of people online parading themselves as Indian temples, traditional worshipers, water priests and priestesses and others.
A lot of them have even gotten huge social media presence and sell bangles, water, praying items and other things to innocent lots. A lot of these people do not make money from their spiritual stuff, except when they purchase these things.
Ask yourself, if these bangles help attract favour, why didn’t they use them to attract all the favour in the world and avoid selling it? You see how silly that sounds right?

If you read this article and eventually fall victim, you deserve it! In all endeavours remember nothing beats hard work and you cannot get money from anywhere when you didn’t work for it.
In everything I have to say about money rituals, I haven’t read or heard of something that works. Forget about what you see in the media, they are Nollywood documentaries (if there’s anything like that).

Work hard, invest your money and time, build reasonable connections and watch your life get better!

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