Party Souvenirs Ideas In Nigeria For Weddings And Burials

Party Souvenirs Ideas In Nigeria For Weddings And Burials

One of the things that colour an Owambe party is the souvenirs people take home. As minor as it appears, it goes a long way in determining if your party would be remembered for months or years after the occasion.

Naturally, sharing gifts at events is not compulsory. But when it comes to the Nigerian approach to occasions, you can’t ignore one major substance that can make your Owambe party be the talk of the town.
Often, event planners run into blockage on what would be the best to hand over to attendants of a party. While trying to buy something that would be very resourceful, they also consider buying something that can easily be taken home.

The desire to be distinct in what to share often causes a delay in concluding. While trying to avoid giving regular items, you also want to put the budget in check.
Several factors can consider what your decision would eventually be. The nature of the celebration, the budget, and also the calibre of people that would be in attendance are factors to consider. Well, you don’t need to worry, this article will present 9 options you can choose from for your next Owambe Party.

9 Types Of Souvenirs You Can Share In a Nigerian Party

#1. Tote Bags

Tote bags are not unusual in Nigerian parties. But tote bags come in different quality and sizes. In a party where the younger generation would dominate, giving out a tote bag would mean a lot to them.

At least, you would be lifting the cost of buying a tote bag from someone who intends to. Also, the image or text inscribed on the bag would leave a mark that your event produced such useful material.

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#2. Kitchen Utensils

Generally, some are more concerned about what they would be given for attending a party. Handing over any kitchen utensils to a woman could spark a few of them rushing for the material.

Even if they have a similar one at home, getting another is going to be very helpful. These are materials that would continually be useful in the kitchen for women. Distribute kitchen utensils and see how women would appreciate the souvenirs.

#3. Electric Hand Fan

A mini electric hand fan as a souvenir may be more costly than the aforementioned. However, you would rarely see a woman doing her makeup without a mini electric fan sitting beside her.
More so, the hand fan is also used in large gatherings where they have access to limited air. This souvenir is very portable and very useful.

#4. Plastic Trays

Plastic trays are kind of common in Nigerian events. In fact, they make it appear like that should be the first option on the list of what should be distributed.
The trays come with text and images of the celebrant. Especially when it’s used for a wedding or birthday party.

#5. Towel

A towel could also be a great idea for a souvenir. Well packed in very attractive nylon, with a customized design on it. Depending on the quality of the towel you decide to give out, the price varies from one to another.

#6. Shirt and Cap

You would definitely have seen people on your street with clothes shared on an occasion. In the case of a burial, there would be the picture of the deceased on the shirt and the year lived.

A few times, it comes with a cap that compliments the shirt. Your type of occasion should help you consider if this would be nice. Some people hate wearing such clothes, especially when there is an image on them.

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#7. Labeled Mug

A labeled mug is inexpensive and classic. It would be useful in offices and homes. This is one of the souvenirs that could leave prints of your event in people’s homes and offices for a long time.

#8. Umbrella

An umbrella is not a bad idea. People rarely give umbrellas at parties these days. Consequently, taking something as heavy as an umbrella could be a burden to some people.
However, it seasonally brings the memory of your occasion back. Most times, they are presented during the rainy season.

#9. Diaries and Jotter

This could be short-lived, but also a good gift. Quality has a large role to play in its acceptance.


In all, the souvenir you give out can retain the memory of your occasion. You can’t afford to be nonchalant about it. In fact, it is better not to give out anything as your souvenir if you can’t afford a very good quality of that product.

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