Xiong Team Log In, Platform Review, Pros And Cons

Xiong Team Log In, Platform Review, Pros And Cons

Xiong Team is a platform which exchanges gift cards from my online research. I have not traded with them and didn’t get to see any reviews online showing whether they have successful trades or not.

Xiong Team Review: What Is The Platform About?

The platform is for loading and exchanging of gift cards. From the name, it looks like something that will have an Asian origin and precisely, Chinese.
According to their homepage they exchange cards like the Apple gift card, Amazon card, Target card, Google Play card, Steam, Nordstrom and Sephora.
The website is a bit popular and claims to have over 5,000 users.

Is The Xiongteam Platform Legit Or Scam?

I have not done any business with them and cannot tell exactly.
The claims on their homepage that they have over 5,000 users, however, might be bogus, since we are not seeing much reviews online and the claims that they load $60,000 daily also could be bogus.

Another claim on the homepage that it was founded in 2015 might not be totally true, except they had a change in the domain name.
Their domain name, xiongteam.com was registered in 2020 according to the Whois platform.

Xiong Team Login and Signing Up

Signing up on the platform is not difficult. You only need to visit xiongteam.com/Register/Index, enter your invitation code, and email (they’ll send a verification code to use for the next line).

After that, you’ll choose a password, confirm it and enter your Whatsapp number.

To sign in to the Xiong Team platform you’ll just need your username/email and password. You can also reset it if you are having issues.

Xiong Team Customer Care Number

The customer care number for the Xiong team platform is +8618931680343. There might also be a Whatsapp Group you can join even though I doubt the possibility, grouo chats have a tiny limit to how many members they can accomodate.

To reach out to them on Telegram, you can search for xiongteam.

How To Get Invitation Code For Xiong Team

The invitation code is one of the criteria for signing up. You can get it from a previous user or use the contact form on the registration page.
For users trying to invite others, they can get the invitation code in the USERCENTER.


The platform is a gift card exchanger and I haven’t tried it out yet.
What is your opinion on it? How good are their rates? Do they deliver on time and how fast it their customer care?

Drop your positive and negative comments, and don’t forget to share.

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  1. This xiongteam is nothing but totally scammed website.. They just recruited some scammer to handle their system… Fake and fuck site

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